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textile leather [2000条. 页码 1/100]    

HelloWe are looking for very thin 0.1mm to 0.15mm soft TPU for use in our fashion productsWe are at
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相关买家: Tpu膜; Tpu Film;
Dear Sir, We want to buy Wrap Knit Fabrics and other interlock spandex and poly fabric in good quantity for reselling and manufacturing sports apparel. Please advice. Thanks.
相关买家: 涤纶织物; Spadex Fabrics; Polyster Fabrics;
[US] [1109216] [有图]美国求购硅胶干燥垫(Silicone Drying Mat) (11-27)
Hello , I am Michael Sutton from We are interested in Silicone Dish Drying Mats. Please see the *** file and forward once completed. Please let me know if you have questions/comments. Thank you. Be...
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相关买家: 硅胶干燥垫; Silicone Drying Mat;
hi my name moe butt,I am looking for wedding party tents.
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相关买家: 展会帐篷; wedding party tents;
elsalam alaikom , Merheba, I need the full description of this seating set .. please send me colors details and what are the contents of the set .. and transportation to north iraq "duhok city" thank ...
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相关买家: 座椅地板; 坐垫套; Seating Floor; Cushion Cover Set;
你好! 如有不便之处,敬请见谅。我想买50个橙色背包。 这是您可以提供的数量吗? 运到英国多少钱?麻烦你了!
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相关买家: 背包; PU Delivery Backpack;
Hi,we are branded name inflatable importer. I’m interested in your product, the details I need:this type product to US market retailers. I look forward to your reply. you can reach me at
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相关买家: 防水户外帐篷; Waterproof Outdoor Tent;
[IN] [1109137] 印度求购面料(textile fabrics) (11-26)
Hi,we are to import some fabrics directly from your country.
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相关买家: 面料; textile fabrics;
[BY] [1109135] 白俄罗斯求购扣子(Buttons) (11-26)
Looking for an amazing supplier specialized in buttons.
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相关买家: 扣子; Buttons;
Hi,we are looking for following items: 1. Brown Leather Strap 2. One round headed Stud 3. 2 holes 4. Lettering 5. Width : 0.75in 6. Length: 8 in 7. Thickness : 0.125- 0.25 in
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相关买家: 纺织原料; Leather Strap;
[PH] [1109133] 菲律宾求购面料(fabrics) (11-26)
Hi,we are in searching for a supplier in the fabrics.
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相关买家: 面料; fabrics;
Polyester fabric 180 gsm to 280 gsm for the shell, and till 400 gsm on the protective parts. We use 300D,450D,600D,800D and 1000D. We use different coating like PU, Milky, and waterproof/breathable...
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相关买家: 机车面料; motobike fabrics;
Our company builds hotels and renovates. I need you please list your company with curtains and everything a hotel needs and you can provide it We also need for renovations and furniture covers For ...
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相关买家: 沙发套; Sofa Elastic Cover;
[IN] [1109049] 印度求购布袋(Buoancy Bags) (11-26)
I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me the availablity and price 2 x 25 Ton capacity of Buoancy Bags could you please give us the availablity, CIF price & delivery time enable us to...
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相关买家: 布袋; Buoancy Bags;
Hello there, I'm the managing director of and we're a novelty store enjoying over 1000 monthly sales. I've taken interest in your product and would like to add it to my inventory, however I have a f...
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相关买家: 毯子; Hoodie Blanket; Sweatshirt;
Please provide me with an email address so I may send RFQ for your consideration. Hi Dan Please contact me
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相关买家: 纺织; textile products;
Disposable sheets 80 by 180 cm per sheet with perforation between each Color white 50 sheets per roll Paper card with company brand name printed inside packaging film 38 cm by 38 cm AND Paper shee...
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相关买家: 床单; Disposable sheets;
[DK] [1108994] 丹麦求购纺织品(textiles) (11-26)
Hi,we are dealing with textiles in Denmark,we are looking for good supplier in the supplychain.
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相关买家: 纺织品; textiles;
I am a distributor of medical and dental products. I would like to know the validity of your products and flow and non-flow composites. Can I get more information? I also need to price list and ori...
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相关买家: 复合材料; composites;
Hi there, I am planning to purchase 60 ea of the Capricorn 3D letter Embroided Baseball Caps with our logo, web site and Tag Line printed on. Would you like to advise if this can be possible? and if...
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相关买家: 棒球帽; Baseball Caps;
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