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[DE] [1085962] 德国求购皂液器(soap dispenser) (05-29)
OEM Wall mounted automatic spray liquid hand sanitizer dispenser/soap dispenser adjustable metal floor standing
相关买家: 皂液器; soap dispenser;
"Hi my name is Max Tersteeg from Max Product Company.We are interested in your products. We have contacted other suppliers and we are looking for a flea and tick collar for dogs and one for cats in tw...
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相关买家: 宠物圈; flea and tick collar;
Hello Dear, here is my inquiry: MOQ:500 Destiny: Germany Color/Material: mixed for cats and dogs Logo: can i make my own label or do you use only yours? Barcode: i need an barcode label on eac...
相关买家: 宠物圈;
Hi, My name is Marissa from the company HomeCasa in the Netherlands. We are interested in your flea and tick collar and would like to be provided for some information. We have contacted other suppl...
相关买家: 宠物圈; flea and tick collar;
Dear Supplier, My name is Chloe from T.U.N Co.,Ltd Vietnam. We are looking to purchase FLEA & TICK COLLAR FOR PETS for the US Market. After searching for this product, we would like to cooperate wit...
相关买家: 宠物圈; TICK COLLAR;
Can we speak about wrist band elastic? my WhatsApp number I am waiting for your response, my email address also
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相关买家: 家庭用品; wrist band elastic;
200 Pieces Hello there. How are you.
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相关买家: 皂液器; sanitizer soap dispenser;
[US] [1085731] 美国求购旅行杯(travel mug) (05-28)
Hi my friend I’m really interested in your travel mug and I would like some more details about it. Material Drinkware type Certificate Price for 200, 500, 1,000pcs Kindly send quotation to my...
相关买家: 旅行杯; travel mug;
[BO] [1085645] [有图]玻利维亚求购鞋套机(shoe cover machine) (05-28)
Im interested in your product automatic shoe cover machine dispenser, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply. Regards,
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相关买家: 鞋套机; shoe cover machine;
Dear sir/madame: I hope you are doing o.k. We are a promotional Company in South America that provides many customers in central and -south America, I invite you to check We n...
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相关买家: 皂液器; soap dispenser;
Looking for Tabletop Grill at 20,000pcs for 2021 promotion for a key USA retailer, Supplier should be familiar with USA market, better have the experience to ship to key retailer in USA like Walmart a...
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相关买家: 便携式烤架; PORTABLE GRILL;
[KR] [1085601] [有图]韩国求购硅胶餐具垫(silicone coaster) (05-27)
Dear Sir. One of my customer now finding *** Silicone coaster reliable supplier. Quantity: 30,000pcs Size: 12cm x 10cm Packing: zipper bag individual packing. as *** pic. If you are real manu...
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相关买家: 硅胶餐具垫; silicone coaster;
[ZA] [1085580] 南非求购鞋套(shoe cover) (05-27)
Im interested in your product Bule surgical nonwoven shoe cover, I would like some more details: What is the best price you can offer? I look forward to your reply. Regards, Wil
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相关买家: 鞋套; shoe cover;
[US] [1085573] [有图]美国求购枕头(foam Pillow) (05-27)
1000 Piece/Pieces FOB foam: thermo-forming with shape memory, hypoallergenic dimension: 52x32x11.5 / 9.5 cm foam density: 55kg / m3
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相关买家: 枕头; foam Pillow;
[US] [1085521] 美国求购拖把(Nowoven Mop) (05-27)
Hello, I am contacting you on behalf of Rudderr, LLC. We are interested in your product line and would like to open up a wholesale account with you. Please let us know what wholesale options are av...
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相关买家: 拖把; Nowoven Mop;
Hi, I’m interested in buying 500pcs Mosquito Repellent Bracelet, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply. Regards, olakunle Lijoka
相关买家: 驱蚊腕带; mosquito repellent bracelets;
Hey I am interested in your mosquito repellent bracelets. What is the price of 100 units shipped to US I need price + shipping, please. Once you answer that, can you also send me: 1) Pict...
相关买家: 驱蚊腕带; mosquito repellent bracelets;
"Hi, I am Saman from Singapore base company. I am interesting on your product. Therefore I would like to know more details as below. 1. What is your MOQ? And how much is it per piece? 2. What is t...
相关买家: 驱蚊片; mosquito repellent refill;
[UK] [1085489] 英国求购运动包(sports bags) (05-27)
Quantity need:2000pcs - I am very interested in selling these on-line Please can you send me a sample of sports bags.If the quality is great, we will order 2000pcs. look forward to you reply! ...
相关买家: 运动包; sports bags;
[IN] [1085466] [有图]印度求购可折叠眼镜(Foldable Glasses) (05-27)
Dear Sir/Madam, We are so happy to announce that we are one of the main manufacturers of industrial refrigerators in Iran and we need several type of carbon steel coils and Sheets same as below detai...
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相关买家: 可折叠眼镜; Foldable Glasses;
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