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Good Morning, I used to buy wholesale from your company, I was Lazerline Engraving. I am intersted in getting into jewellery again and would like to see the products that you are offering. If you cou...
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相关买家: 不锈钢首饰; Stainless Steel Jewellery;
[SG] [1086141] 新加坡求购宠物屋(pet house) (05-31)
Quantity need:100pcs "Hello dear sir, I am interested in placing dogs,cats house on the market. Could you please send me the quotation from this with the details as below: feature, How long wou...
相关买家: 宠物屋; pet house;
Quantity:500 Pieces Dear Sirs, my name is Marko and I am the responsible Purchasing Manager for Green Pandaz / 7spices. we want to sell tick collar for dog and cats. We would like to bran...
相关买家: 宠物圈; flea and tick collar;
I need 500 Flea and Tick collars for dogs that are ready to ship out now. Please give me a quote as soon as possible. Shipping to Amazon USA. Than you. Gail Henry
相关买家: 宠物圈; flea and tick collar;
quantity: 1 Pieces United States 1 Pieces Hello, I am interested in buying from you. Your wooden box designs are quite beautiful and I see that you take a lot of pride in your work. I am specif...
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相关买家: 表盒; Watch Box;
all kinds of wood handicraft and gift items
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相关买家: 木制工艺品; wood handicraft;
Polarized 3D Glasses for Kids.
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相关买家: 3D眼镜; 3D Glasses;
Carpets and Curtains, Upholstery, Acrylic, Poly carbonate sheets, Glass film. Rubber, PVC, Parquet, Vinyl, Raised Flooring. Gypsum works, Office partitions, Painting, LED and etc..
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相关买家: 地毯; 窗帘; Carpets; Curtains;
Hi, My name is John and I’m the purchasing agent for Swift Import Service We are in the process of adding mosquito repellant bracelet to our product line and your company ( Candy Liao Ningbo Kinven ...
相关买家: 驱蚊手环; mosquito repellent bracelet;
Quantity:20,000 Piece Hi, I’m interested in Anti Mosquito Wrist Bands with blister package and display, I would like some more details. Price, Freight. I look forward for your reply. Regards, ...
相关买家: 驱蚊手环; Anti Mosquito Wrist Bands;
Quantity:2,000 Piece Hi, I’m interested in Leather Anti Mosquito Bracelet, I would like some more details. Price; Packing; Freight. I look forward for your reply. Regards,
相关买家: 驱蚊腕带; Anti Mosquito Bracelet;
Hi, I’m interested in buying 200pcs Waterproof PU Leather bracelet. I would like some more details. Price, Pakcing, Certificate I look forward for your reply. Regards,
相关买家: 皮革腕带; Leather bracelet;
Quantity:2,000 Piece Hi, I’m interested in your Leather bracelet I would like some more details: What is the best price you can offer? I look forward to your reply. Regards,"
相关买家: 皮革手环; leather bracelet;
[AU] [1085720] 澳大利亚求购腕带(bracelet) (05-28)
Hi there, Does this bracelet have deet? Can you quote me an FOB price for Dhaka, Bangladesh for 500 pieces for children and 500 pieces for adults (total 1000 pieces). Regards, Mohammed. Obb...
相关买家: 腕带; bracelet;
Hello, My name is William, I am the outsourcing supply agent for Verdant Comet. I am looking to buy ""mosquito repellent bracelets with refillable"" for the United States market (see *** photo fo...
相关买家: 驱蚊腕带; mosquito repellent bracelet;
Hello My name is Klaus and I am Purchasing Manager at Holdean Home Estonia. We have seen your products in *** and we are interested in creating a profitable long-term partnership between our two co...
相关买家: 驱蚊手绳; Anti Mosquito Bracelet;
[PL] [1085716] [有图]波兰求购皮革手环(leather wristbands) (05-28)
Hello, please count such order as *** picture: 15 pcs in each pack shipping to poland 500 sets"
相关买家: 皮革手环; leather wristbands;
Hi there, my name is Bassem and I run an e-commerce store through Amazon in the United States. I am looking to add your repellent bracelet to my online store. Can you please provide me with more inf...
相关买家: 驱蚊腕带; repellent bracelet;
[US] [1085714] 美国求购手环(wristband) (05-28)
Quantity:2,000 Pieces I am interested in these product and I have two questions; 1. can you print my logo onto the wristband? 2. if I provide a different essential oil blend formula, can you source...
相关买家: 手环; wristband;
Quantity:2,000 Piece Hi, I’m interested in Leather Anti Mosquito Bracelet, I would like some more details. Price Freigt to US I look forward for your reply. Regards
相关买家: 驱蚊皮革手绳; Leather Anti Mosquito Bracelet;
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