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afternoon I have an ecommerce in Mexico City, I want to buy 2 samples per model to check delivery time and product quality. I am interested in creating a long-term relationship What price do you gi...
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相关买家: 裙子; Sexy Dress;
[VN] [1086192] 越南求购草帽(hat) (05-31)
i am looking for you western bandora cowboy hat styles to sell in Australia i have been selling cowboy hats for 25 years from Mexico and China my email
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相关买家: 草帽; hat;
[NZ] [1086145] 新西兰求购男短裤(shorts) (05-31)
hi I am starting my own clothing company based in new zealand and i am looking for good quality clothing manufacture to make and ship my orders.
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相关买家: 男短裤; shorts;
[US] [1086140] 美国求购沙滩裤(beach shorts) (05-31)
Hi, I’m interested in purchasing 1200pcs men's beach shorts, I would like some more details. Size: L:400pcs XL:400pcs XXL:400pcs price I look forward for your reply. Regards, Sterlin Backus
相关买家: 沙滩裤; beach shorts;
Hi, I’m interested in men's shirt, the details I need: Color: Grey, Size: S, Quantity: 100 Color: Grey, Size: M, Quantity: 100 Color: Grey, Size: L, Quantity: 100 I look forward to your reply. I...
相关买家: 男士衬衫; men shirt;
[DE] [1086125] 德国求购宝宝衫(baby shirt) (05-31)
Hi, I’m interested in 2000pcs baby shirt. product. I would like some more details, Foto, Video, price I look forward to your reply. regards, Helen Dovhan
相关买家: 宝宝衫; baby shirt;
[UA] [1086081] 乌克兰求购内衣(underwear) (05-30)
wanted underwater
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相关买家: 内衣; underwear;
hi I need denim jeans big stocks mens and ladies preferred locations : Bangladesh , China and Vietnam
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相关买家: 牛仔裤; denim jeans;
[LK] [1085972] 斯里兰卡求购布匹(cloth) (05-29)
wanted cloth
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相关买家: 布匹; cloth;
Hi, I am interested in this product for 1 year old unisex toddler. Do you customize the print and with different color of shirt? Can MOQ could be lower like 100pcs first? Let me know the prices for s...
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相关买家: 婴儿服装; baby romper jumpsuit;
[CA] [1085788] [有图]加拿大求购男士T恤(mens fitted t shirts) (05-28)
I am looking for mens t shirts with the following specifications 95% cotton, 5% elastane custom slim fit, that is cut close to the individuals body in order to place an emphasis on the shoulders whi...
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相关买家: 男士T恤; t-shirts;
Estimated, I writting you from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I own a travel agency - - and Im looking forward to launch a new brand of travel bags & accesories, based on KRAFT recycable paper and eco fr...
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相关买家: 背包; backpack;
[RU] [1085661] [有图]俄罗斯求购套头衫(Hoody) (05-28)
Dear Partner, You are welcome to take part and offer the best service for our current very urgent project. Time is critical, so please do your best to answer in 24 hours! We are interested in next p...
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相关买家: 套头衫; Hoody;
Hi, Im interested in your product Men's UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Performance Fishing Shirt Design Custom Fishing Shirt, I would like some more details. can I get 5 samples one of each pattern. we would l...
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相关买家: 钓鱼衫; custom fishing shirt;
[IT] [1085551] 意大利求购T恤(tshirt) (05-27)
hi. we are italian wear seller. we are looking for el tshirt sound activated or similar. firs order 50 pieces. target price under 4,5 usd. could you help us? how much for your products and shippin...
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相关买家: T恤; t-shirt;
[US] [1085537] 美国求购宝宝衫(baby shirts) (05-27)
hello This is ruvim from XCtech. I would like to order 1000pcs baby shirts. and i was wondering if you can provide me with pictures of the packaging to see if it fulfilled my needs i am a amazon f...
相关买家: baby shirts;
[LK] [1085370] [有图]斯里兰卡求购网帽(Net cap, hair net guard) (05-26)
We are in need of 2500 pcs of hair net guard for our factory Ship to sri Lanka. Used for factory employees-1500 wokers Send your quotes to my mail.
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相关买家: 网帽; Net cap; hair net guard;
[US] [1085319] 美国求购马甲(vest) (05-26)
Lightweight bulletproof Tan Law Enforcement molle military Vest.
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相关买家: 马甲; vest;
[IN] [1085202] 印度求购运动帽(sport cap) (05-26)
I’m interested in ordering 100pcs sport caps. pls quote me the EWX price I look forward to your reply."
相关买家: 运动帽; sport cap;
Hi, I’m interested in buying 1000pcs baby shirts. I would like some more details. price packing I look forward for your reply. Regards, can you deliver it to Srilanka"
相关买家: 宝宝衫; baby shirt;
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