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hi,about the Paraformaldehyde 96,shipment time,payment ,shipment tiem,please send me email.
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相关买家: 多聚甲醛; Parafor maldehyde;
Wanted to know the details and price catalog for 5 litter to 20 litter bottle making. What ate the component included like chiller, compressor, and its price catalog.Kindly send me the details to.
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相关买家: 半自动吹瓶机; semi auto bottle blowing machine;
[NP] [1104783] [有图]尼泊尔求购拉链袋(zip pouch) (10-23)
Good Day I am Shivam kumar from JJ EXIM PVT LTD, NEPAL. we have a firm requirement of packing zip pouches. please contact me on .
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相关买家: 拉链袋; zip pouch;
quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces United States 1000 Piece/Pieces Hello, please see my ***ment for all details and requirements. I appreciate your soonest reply. Please ****me at Thank you!
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相关买家: 便笺分配器; note dispenser;
how much is this. Dermlin
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相关买家: Dermlin;
quantity: 1 Unit/Units United Arab Emirates 1 Unit/Units Hi, We are a major airconditioning company In the UAE since 2005 , we already viewed some products for marketing over here for the sol...
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相关买家: 分体式空调; solar split air conditioner;
[PK] [1104779] 巴基斯坦求购烤箱(oven) (10-23)
Good Day! I am Shoaib from Pakistan. I need built in oven in gas+gas ,gas+electric , fully electric and free standing oven 90*60, for this project I came to Turkey , in which city is your factory? W...
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相关买家: 烤箱; oven;
[IN] [1104778] [有图]印度求购液晶屏(LCD Display) (10-23)
I want this LCD Display for new product development, Tooling Cost ok, But I will place the first order is only 200 Qty only. if this product reached successfully in the market, then we will come for...
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相关买家: 液晶屏; LCD Display;
Dear Sir/Madam, I have a business partner in Australia, and I am looking for a Chinese freight forwarder company that can deliver FCL CY/CY from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth to Ulaanbaatar Mon...
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相关买家: 货代服务;
We want to fabricate a new kind of doublet lens for our applications. We would like to know what are your capabilities for this purpose. This design has 2 main difficulties : The shape of the lens (we...
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相关买家: 镜片; Lens;
Dear Sirs. We would like to buy 1 piece of compressed air filter AFT-150A. We want to test it in our oxygen concentrator and it it suits us, we will make the order. Could you sell us 1 piece as a samp...
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相关买家: 压缩空气过滤器; compressed air filter;
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, with regard to your activity, we would like to ask you whether you are interested in amaranth products, organic and conventional: amaranth press cake, amaranth flour, ama...
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相关买家: 菜种子;
How can i get 10 bottles?
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相关买家: 减肥胶囊; Magic slim weight reduction capsule;
[US] [1104772] [有图]美国求购烤箱(Oven toaster) (10-23)
I am looking for oven toaster manufacturing company to have ability support us similar to *** product , 42 liter capacity and more . If the manufacturing company has ability to supports tooling of som...
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相关买家: 烤箱; Oven toaster;
We are representative of Daeho AL since 2002 which has been famous for superior aluminum sheet, coil, circle in domestic and overseas market. Now we have a huge & regular import project of Aluminum H...
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相关买家: 铝热轧卷; Aluminum Hot rolled Coil;
hi dear good day how are you dear I am Mahmoud Elabed I have a company for BMW spare parts in Libya and I like to deal with youThank You Best Regards
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相关买家: 宝马汽车备件; BMW spare parts;
Dear Freedom Denim Team, Hope you are doing good. This is Ashraf Raza from Artistic Denim Mills ltd. We need mentioned sample yardages 50 Mtrs For Kohl's customer. 1. SS18179C Please al...
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相关买家: 牛仔布;
-Now,I have a customer who wants chrome spray machine "Chrome systems with all required materials and tools." -My customer wants to start this work as a beginner. So I ask you to provide me a compl...
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相关买家: 镀铬机; chrome spray machine;
Dear Srs. My name is Carmen and I work in the Purchasing Department of HOME TAPICER虯S.燱e are a company specialized in sofa fabrics and we are interested in one of your qualities for PVC engraved leat...
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相关买家: PVC皮革; PVC leather;
[IL] [1104766] 以色列求购马嚼子(horse bits) (10-23)
dear sir or madam, we need a certain horse bit can i send a picture?
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相关买家: 马嚼子; horse bits;
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